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Two international awards for our beers in 2023

Two international awards for our beers in 2023 Since the early years, Lord Chambray has participated in numerous international beer competitions, joining with thousands of breweries from all over the world. From the International Beer Challenge in London, the Brussels Beer Challenge, to the European Beer Star in Germany, we have totalled 15 awards from 2014 to 2022. With great pride, however, we pushed ourselves outside Europe to participate in two major competitions, winning two silver medals with our English IPA, San Blas. Craft beer English IPA San Blas awarded in 2023 Winner of 10 international awards our full-bodied IPA is dominated by the explosive character of a carefully selected hop blend that showcases the citrusy and peachy notes of American hop varieties, and the more subtle, spicy notes of British ones. As Malta's best-selling beer San Blas also becomes  Gluten Free in 2021, it is now part of a line-up of no less than