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A Toast to Women in Craft Beer: Celebrating Sylvia's Return

Hello, fellow beer enthusiasts and champions of diversity in craft brewing!

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we at Lord Chambray believe in raising a glass for exceptional beers and the incredible women shaping the craft beer industry. Join us on this occasion as we praise the achievements, stories, and, of course, the beers crafted by the talented women in our world.

Sylvia's Tale: A Citrusy Fairy-tale Brewed with Magic In 2019, just before the world turned upside down, we embarked on a magical collaboration with our friends from Magic Rock Brewing in the UK. The result? Sylvia is a Citrus Pale Ale that captures the essence of a fairy tale – a tale of creativity, camaraderie, and enchantment. Named after a remarkable Maltese woman working at Magic Rock Brewing during our collaboration, Sylvia was more than just a beer. Like Sleeping Beauty in the tank, it patiently awaited its moment for three months before it could be bottled. And oh, what a moment it was!

Sylvia's Flavour: A Symphony of Citrus, Hops, and Everything Nice What makes Sylvia truly special is the infusion of a massive amount of local lemon and orange zest, paired with an overload of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops. This combination creates a concerto of citrusy, drinkable, and refreshing flavours. Picture this: a subtle note of stone fruit, a hint of tropical flavours, the sweetness of berries, and a touch of pine – a diverse blend that comes together in each sip to create something unique and exciting.

Honouring Women in the Craft Beer Industry We couldn't help but reflect on the rich history of women in brewing. This tradition dates back four thousand years to ancient Mesopotamia. Legends tell tales of women offering barley as a gift to the gods, leading to the accidental discovery of fermentation and the birth of beer. Beer has also been considered a helpful drink during pregnancy. It is no coincidence that among American colonists, it was customary, when a woman became pregnant, to produce groaning beer: the "beer of lament", which would be ready for the birth nine months later. Throughout history, women, including goddesses like Ninkasi and Siris, played crucial roles in brewing, with notable contributions from figures like Sister Hildegard, the German nun who introduced hops to beer. However, as brewing became industrialised, men began dominating the industry. Despite these historical challenges, women today are reclaiming their place in brewing, and in homage to this legacy, we proudly announce the relaunch of Sylvia this month. We've added a slight twist to this beloved Citrus Pale Ale to enhance your drinking experience. Like the women who inspire us, Sylvia continues to evolve and surprise. Even her new look is inspired by Ms Pac-Man!


Cheers to Sylvia and to every woman who has contributed to the art and science of brewing. From the brewers and hop growers to the marketers and enthusiasts, your passion and dedication have made the craft beer world more affluent and vibrant.

Join Us in the Celebration

Get Your Sylvia Fix: Head to our taproom or check out our online shop at It's a limited run, so take advantage of it. 

Share Your Sylvia Moments: When you crack open a Sylvia, share your moments with us on social media using #SylviaReturns. We want to be part of your Sylvia story.

Nominate Your Craft Beer Heroines: Know a woman making waves in the craft beer world? Nominate her! Tag her and tell us why she inspires you. Let's spotlight the incredible women shaping our industry.

Exciting news alert 

Brace yourselves for our inaugural event of the year—it's official. So, circle the date on your calendar, set that reminder, spread the word to your friends, or tell everyone you know! The countdown begins for the 6th, the first Saturday of April. Anticipation is building, and we can't wait to welcome you! Save the date—it's going to be epic! 


The Lord Chambray Team


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