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Community Spotlight: Celebrating Local Partnerships with 67 Kapitali

Community Spotlight: Celebrating Local Partnerships with 67 Kapitali
At Lord Chambray, we're firm believers in the power of community and collaboration. Today, we're thrilled to spotlight one of our cherished partners, 67 Kapitali, a specialist beer bar in Valletta's heart. 

In Malta's vibrant craft beer scene lies a distinct hub that epitomises the essence of local brewing: 67 Kapitali. Nestled amidst the bustling streets, this beloved locale curated by Dominique has become synonymous with community, culture, and craft beer. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with Dominique to delve into the story behind our collaborative brew venture with 67 Kapitali.

As we began our conversation, Dominique's enthusiasm for showcasing Maltese craftsmanship was palpable. "We have 11 beers on draft," he shared. " Although many more are available, featuring all local beers works best for us." This unwavering commitment to championing local artisans sets 67 Kapitali apart, fostering a sense of pride and connection within the community.

Our collaboration with 67 Kapitali was rooted in a shared desire to craft something exceptional, tailored exclusively for their discerning clientele. Dominique reminisced, "When we started discussing a collaboration, I noticed a rising trend in double IPAs' popularity. Lord Chambray didn't have one then, so it made perfect sense to create one together." Thus, the 67 IPA was conceived, swiftly followed by the refreshing White Waves White IPA, both becoming cherished favourites among locals and visitors alike.

The legendary 67 IPA is Crafted with precision and infused with innovation. This Double IPA stands as a beacon of our partnership's success. With an ABV of 6.7% and an IBU of 67, it's a bold brew that demands attention and delights the senses. An old-school piney and resiny aromas dance harmoniously with aromatic citrus notes; all enveloped in a sweet caramel backdrop. The result? A symphony of flavours that tantalises the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression. Clean and light-bodied yet crisp, hoppy, and aggressively bitter, the 67 IPA has become a local favourite among beer enthusiasts. Reflecting on our collaboration's resounding success, Dominique underscored their patrons' evolving palates. "It's often the first question patrons ask when they walk in," he noted, "and with the expanding range of Lord Chambray beers, our Maltese customers now flock here for that as well." This symbiotic relationship between 67 Kapitali and Lord Chambray epitomises the vibrant tapestry of Malta's craft beer landscape, where innovation and tradition converge to create unparalleled experiences.

With an air of anticipation, Dominique emphasised the importance of nurturing our partnership with Lord Chambray. "With our strong rapport and the ever-growing array of collaborations, it only makes sense to further our relationship and offer our customers the finest beer on the island," he affirmed. It's a sentiment that encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that defines the local brewing community. Ready to experience the magic of 67 IPA for yourself? Swing by 67 Kapitali or our Taproom in Gozo and indulge in a pint of our double IPA. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or a curious newcomer, there's always a seat at our table, waiting to welcome you into our vibrant community.

We're excited to announce today that the 67 IPA is now available in cans with a new sleek and refreshing design, ready for purchase at our Taproom, 67 Kapitali, and on our online shop at lord-chambrayshop. Remember to share your experience with us on social media! Tag @LordChambray and @67Kapitali in your photos and use hashtags like #CraftBeerCommunity and #LocalPartnerships to spread the love. Let's raise a glass to the power of collaboration and the joy of great beer. Cheers, The Lord Chambray Team


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